With only a little time left in school, Indiana Roma Voss has an incredibly unique eye for styling that will surely catch the attention of many designers and photographers (if it hasn’t already!). Born in New York City but raised in Amsterdam, Voss draws inspiration from all of her life experiences, making this multicultural and multitalented stylist one to watch. Having already the honor of winning the Dutch Elle Style Award, there is so much more in store for her. We got the chance to talk to Voss about editorials, home bases, and vomiting babies.

Can you talk a little bit about your recent shoot “The Flossy Flossy”?

“The Flossy Flossy” is an editorial I shot for ODDA Magazine’s 13th print issue. The piece is a collaborative editorial with my friend and colleague, Lois Cohen. A large portion of my known work has been shot with Lois, as she and I have a supportive partnership which allows me to expand my dimensions as a concept creator, developer, and stylist.


What has been your craziest on set experience?

My craziest experience on set would probably be during my most recent shoot. We were shooting in an incredibly posh hotel in New York City at Sunday brunch. Without giving too much away about the content, I will say we had a naked baby that peed and vomited all over the pristine dining room, which was filled with hotel guests “brunching” who were more outraged than amused.

Who are some of your inspirations and favorite stylists?

Naming one specific source of inspiration is impossible, as I’m constantly inspired by everything around me – as cliché as that might sound. Books, movies, traveling, or just simply people-watching turns me on. My absolute favorite stylist at the moment is the London-based Ib Kamara. The new body shapes he creates and the level of innovation in his work is definitely something I aspire to within my own work.


What was it like winning the Dutch Elle Style Award?

To be nominated for such an award was an absolute honor. Many of the previous winners and nominees are stylists I’ve respected for a while, and winning the award was such an incredible moment (to say the least). The award really aided in spring-boarding my professional career, and I’ll always be grateful to the people who supported and encouraged me to achieve that goal.

What regions of the world have the most “style” appeal to you? What cultures inspire you the most?

I would say that certain regions of the world have different senses of style, and it depends on what you like to consider as “more” or “less” stylish. At the moment, I’m kind of obsessed with cultures that have been previously sheltered from mainstream media – places like eastern European countries or South African townships.


Is there a celebrity you dream about styling one day?

When I did a shoot with rapper Brooke Candy – that was definitely iconic. I suppose the ultimate fantasy would have been to work with David Bowie. I’d also really love to work with Dolly Parton.

Would you ever move back to your birth place, New York?

Absolutely! Moving back to New York City has been a dream of mine ever since my family left the States. Now that I’ve nearly finished my Bachelor degree, my goal is to have NYC as my home base.