nightclub disaster

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Growing up amongst the who’s who of Amsterdam’s rave, alternative, raw club culture, NIGHTCLUB DISASTER (a.k.a. NCD) is the brainchild of budding fashion figures Indiana Roma Voss and Dennis Schreuder.
NCD’s glorious, dramatic, hysteric beauty can only be described as a new age experimental performance art version of the old pop cult that encompassed the 1980s and 1990s’ love for powerful imagery, fluidity and the rise of the genderless icon. With club nights in Amsterdam, Europe’s seemingly party capital, Indiana and Dennis have something else to say about beauty, club culture and living like life’s art.
Artists interacting with the audience and world with stimuli going refreshingly haywire; NCD’s aesthetic, fluidly curated by it’s imaginative young fashion/art culture thinkers takes (now popularised) drag from the media to create an ambience of loud, tastefully thought out performances that take the progressive club night to a place from where there is no return. After all, isn’t performance, fashion and about making a difference to perspectives and changing, evolving with the ever fast paced world? Time for some serious fun and then some more (if you have the eye to see past the obvious).